2 Easy Tips to Prevent Knee Pain When Exercising (VIDEO)


Sidenote: If you’re coming here after watching my YouTube video 2 Simple Tips to Prevent Knee Pain When Exercising, feel free to just skip all the way down to the hip stretches below. If you haven’t watched my video yet, keep reading….

When you’re trying to exercise and get in shape, knee pain can end up being a serious pain in the butt. And for many people who experience knee pain during exercise, what usually ends up happening is one of two things: 1) You find yourself avoiding certain workouts – and maybe even workouts you really, really enjoy – in order to not feel pain in your knees when exercising. Or 2) You may find yourself avoiding exercise altogether because you just don’t want to feel the aggravation of knee pain, period. Now whether you find yourself in Situation 1 or Situation 2, I’m sure we all can agree that knee pain sucks and it can throw a serious monkey wrench in your plans if you’re trying to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

All the above understood, when it comes to knee pain there are several things that can cause it and in this latest video I’ll be droppin’ a little Fit 411 knowledge about the most common causes of knee pain and two simple things you should start doing right now to prevent knee pain when exercising. After you’re done watching, check out the graphic below, which are the 8 excellent stretching exercises I reference in the video – and you should start doing these stretches right now, and on a daily basis to improve flexibility and prevent knee pain. FYI, doing that wide-legged split in front of your main squeeze may lead to “other” activities. Just a warning. *wink*

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