5 Jump Rope Tips for Beginners: Learn How to Skip Yourself FIT! (VIDEO)

jump rope tips beginners


Hey guys! Before we get into today’s video I wanted to share a BIG announcement: The Dr. Phoenyx Jump Ropes have officially arrived at the FitBeauty Shop! Health yeah!

If you’ve watched my previous videos or follow me on Instagram, you already know that I absolutely love jumping rope. It’s my #1 favorite workout for many reason, which I explain in today’s video as well as here.

And now, in celebration of my jump rope release today I’ll be sharing 5 easy jump rope tips for all the newbie jumpers out there who love jumping rope as much as I do and want to learn how to start jumping rope like a pro!

Now press play, grab yourself a super-cute Dr. Phoenyx Jump Rope, and get ready to skip yourself FIT!

Peace, Love & Heathy Living! – Doc

Watch video:


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