“A Beautiful Outside Starts with a Healthy Inside.”

Dr. Phoenyx Austin, M.D. is the founder of DRPHOENYX.COM, founder/creator of DR.PHOENYX® Nutrition & Beauty, and a best-selling author. A certified nutrition specialist, wellness beauty expert, and consultant, Dr. Phoenyx loves creating nutrition, skin care, and wellness essentials that help fellow women look and feel beautiful from the inside out! Highly respected for her expertise in nutrition, fitness and beauty, Dr. Phoenyx is also a Nutrition and Health/Beauty Communications Consultant for major food, nutrition, and wellness brands. Her work is featured in numerous major print and online publications, and she has the privilege of serving as a wellness consultant on traditional media outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and TV One.

About My Wellness Journey

Hello! I’m Dr. Phoenyx and welcome to my hub for all things FitBeauty! Some of you may be new to my site, so to kick things off and get us better acquainted, here are a few fun facts about me: I’m an avid writer, colossal bookworm, cat lover, and INTJ who thoroughly enjoys collecting paperbacks, knowledge, and daily journaling. I’m a huge foodie who loves cooking for my amazing family and friends, watching re-runs of Top Chef, learning new recipes, and sharing fun nutrition facts. I’m a shameless health and beauty junkie (as well as a proud immigrant, an undercover tomboy, and a retired military physician *Salute to all my fellow Vets!*) who loves daily nature walks, aromatherapy, and twice-daily moisturizing. And last but not least, I’m also a bit of an “unconventional” health expert who believes that nutrition and fitness are some of the best forms of medicine, and I have a deep love and appreciation for how simple things like delicious healthy food, daily exercise, and painting your toenails can massively improve every aspect of our lives while making us women look and feel more healthy, happy, and beautiful!😊

Now women who’ve followed my videos and articles know that in my past I’ve struggled with weight gain, low energy, and even bad skin. And I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that my body, skin, health, and even my mood and mental sharpness most significantly improved once I took the time to improve my diet and adopt healthier eating habits – from the most basic things like drinking more water and cutting back on sugar intake, to adopting more strategic and advanced dietary habits like incorporating key vitamins, nutrients, and supplements into my diet that are designed to optimize and enhance my health, beauty, and performance.

So ultimately it was my personal weight loss and wellness journey that lead to me developing an intense curiosity, a deep love, and immense respect for the power of nutrition. And during the early days of my wellness journey, I became keenly aware of how with each passing day I became even more excited and literally obsessed with learning more and more about the latest research and trends in food and nutrition. Every new food science and nutrition article I read left me hungry for more (pun intended!). Furthermore, I found that I also enjoyed sharing fun nutrition facts and practical healthy eating tips with like-minded women who were also interested in learning new and interesting information on ways to enhance their overall health and beauty.

Needless to say, I decided to build DRPHOENYX.COM to be an online resource for women which is centered on my passions for nutrition and self-care because very early in my profession I discovered that there is a very deep connection between health and beauty. Simply put, what you put inside your body and how well you will treat your body through practicing “self-care” will directly manifest itself on the outside in terms of how you look, as well as how you feel.

So in a nutshell, my specialty is writing books and creating high-quality nutritional supplements that help fellow women achieve both our body and beauty goals. And I also get the pleasure of creating fun and engaging content (like the video below) to help educate fellow women on topics ranging from nutrition, to wellness-inspired beauty and skin care, to fitness.

All the above stated, I absolutely LOVE what I do (I’ve had the immense honor of having my work featured as one of the Best Beauty Books – like herehere, and here!) and I feel so incredibly blessed to have “The Best Job in The World” with the support of a small and very close-knit Team of extremely talented and hardworking ladies (and gents) who share my values. And every day, I pinch myself because it feels like a dream to live such an incredibly blessed life simply doing what I’m so ridiculously passionate about and love!

On Self-Love and Self-Care

Now that you’ve learned more about me and my wellness journey, I’d like to share a bit more about why I’m so passionate about the topics of women’s nutrition, fitness, beauty, and wellness – as well as my desire to educate women on the intimate relationship between self-care and self-love.

I believe that there is a very deep and very intimate relationship between self-care and self-love because self-love is what greatly influences our desire to take care of ourselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle. And many women don’t realize how a lack of self-love could be a major contributing factor behind why we are making unhealthy lifestyle choices – like overindulging in junk food as a means to soothe emotional pain, which then leads to our unwanted weight gain, which then leads to struggles with achieving our fitness goals. Also, a lack of self-love can lead to feelings of depression, which can then lead to a lack of desire to exercise and improve your health.

Now ladies, when I point out how a lack of self-love can be an underlying factor for some women, I don’t want you to feel ashamed if this rings true for you because when I say this, I am speaking from both professional and personal experience.

Some of you reading this right now may have seen my older videos or read my books where I’ve openly shared how early on in my life I struggled with a lack of self-love, and how once I stepped back and took a very close look at my mindset and my lifestyle choices, I was able to finally see so clearly how my lack of self-love directly played out in how I overindulged in junk food, how poorly I treated my body, and how I neglected my health. But all of that changed for me once I began to take time for myself to meditate and journal so that I could gain a bit more introspection on “why” I was making certain lifestyle choices.

And ultimately, once I began to truly love myself and show compassion to myself, that is when everything changed for me, and I found that my desire to take care of myself and my body began to grow strong and stronger each day! In fact, I will never forget the day that I looked in the mirror and I now had this burning desire to take care of myself and my body like I had never experienced before in my life, and it was because I finally began to take immense pride in my body.

As the saying goes, “your body is a temple” and it was at that moment that a huge spark was ignited deep within me and my passion for wellness exploded, and from that moment on, practicing self-care became a highly pleasurable and permanent part of my lifestyle… as well as my career!

And that’s why I encourage women to look at their wellness journey this way: Self-care is how you show yourself self-love – which is precisely why self-care is something that you should truly enjoy practicing every single day!

So overall, I want women to know that self-care and self-love are both intimately related. And the woman who has a healthy level of self-love and who takes immense pride in her body and herself, will also take immense pleasure in treating her body with the utmost care and respect by making consistently healthy lifestyle choices like eating healthy foods, investing in the best nutrition, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy skin care regimen — and let’s not forget treating herself to that massage and monthly spa day!

So ladies, as you go about your day-to-day please always remember this: Your self-care regimen will directly reflect how you feel about yourself – and vice versa. It all comes back to self-love. So start loving yourself, respecting yourself, and start practicing daily self-care in order to look and feel your best.

And here’s the cool thing about self-love: Once you master it and once you begin to truly love and celebrate yourself as a woman, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised at how much more easy and enjoyable it will be to start incorporating more positive daily habits into your life like learning about new delicious foods and how to cook yourself a healthy meal, taking a nature walk, or pouring yourself a glass of wine while drawing yourself a warm relaxing bath!

Now to wrap things up, I’d like to leave you with one of my all-time favorite quotes by the late, great Maya Angelou who taught many women like myself that “When you know better, do better.”

And now my mission is to help fellow women “know better and do better” by sharing knowledge and all that I’m passionate about within nutrition, beauty, and wellness to help women lead healthier and happier lives. I know how amazing being healthy looks and feels and I want all women to experience that same amazing feeling by becoming our most beautiful, healthy, and happy selves – inside and out! Because in the end, I believe all women deserve that!



Dr. Phoenyx


Professional Bio

Dr. Phoenyx Austin, M.D. earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Florida, a Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.) from Meharry Medical College, and also holds certification as a Sports Nutrition Specialist. After graduating from medical school and honorable service as a United States Air Force physician and Captain, Dr. Phoenyx subsequently retired from clinical medicine and now dedicates herself full-time as a wellness entrepreneur, author, and health & beauty communications consultant.



Dr. Phoenyx Austin is not a licensed, practicing physician. The information on Dr. Phoenyx’s website and her social media platforms is not intended nor otherwise implied to be medical advice or a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.