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Our mission is simple: To help all women become their most healthy, happy, and beautiful selves!

About Our Shop

Founded by Dr. Phoenyx Austin, M.D. and based in sunny Florida, over the years our “FitBeauty Team” has thoroughly enjoyed assisting Dr. Phoenyx as she uses her website and social media to educate women on the importance of self-care and self-love – because it’s not surprising to us that the times in our lives as women that we are the happiest is also the times when we are the healthiest. That’s why Dr. Phoenyx and our team strongly advocate self-love and feeling good in your own skin as the first important step to maintaining a self-care routine that includes things like eating healthier foods, daily exercise, maintaining a healthy skincare routine, and even treating yourself to a spa day from time to time! That said, our #1 goal is to help fellow women become the best versions of ourselves through achieving greater health and wellness, which is why we are also very proud to offer DR. PHOENYX® Nutrition supplements for a Fit and Beautiful YOU!

Thank you so much for being a valued customer and part of our community of amazing women!

We appreciate you supporting our mission, and Stay Beautiful!