Best Times to Buy Fruits and Veggies (Seasonal Guide)

One of my favorite things to do on an early Sunday morning is visit my local grocery store or farmer’s market to stock up on fresh produce for the upcoming week. Now as far as what I purchase, I tend to eat a lot of vegetables – especially green leafy veggies like spinach. I also like picking up seasonal fruit, and I’m always making sure to stock up on plenty of lemons and other citrus fruits to help keep my daily intake of Vitamin C high. And ladies, when I say “plenty of lemons”, that’s actually an understatement because in my home we’ve been known to easily devour 4-6 lemons a day!

Needless to say, there are several benefits to buying your produce seasonally. Two big reasons why I like to buy in-season are because: 1) It helps support local farmers, and 2) eating in-season produce can provide more nutrition and better taste because these fruits and veggies don’t undergo the early picking, cooling, and heating process that could negatively effect their nutritional content and flavor. In other words, in-season fruits and vegetables spend less time “from farm to table,” so they end up maintaining much more of their nutritional content and delicious flavor.

So if you’ve ever wondered when is the best time to buy certain produce, or if you’d like to start trying different types of seasonal fruits and veggies to expand your foodie and culinary horizons, in this blog post I’ll break down many of my favorite fruits and vegetables based on season. Feel free to bookmark this page for easy reference or you can print out this guide and keep it on your fridge as a regular reminder when it’s time to do your shopping.

Overall, this produce guide helps me plan out my favorite healthy meals and recipes by the season – and it also helps to alert me when it’s a great time to buy certain produce in bulk. Please keep in mind that the list below does not contain all fruits and vegetables. I’ve mostly included all the easy-to-find fruits and veggies that my family enjoys the most. For a more detailed list, you can visit the United States Department of Agriculture’s Seasonal Produce Guide.

Thanks for stopping by to check out today’s post on the “Best Times to Buy Your Fruits and Veggies” by the season.

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