(VIDEO) How to Be Happy: 2 Ways to Be Happier All The Time


Want a bit more “happy” in your life? Of course you do! Interestingly enough, the science of happiness and “how to be happy” is one of the most widely researched topics in the world. And here’s some wonderful news: Researchers have cracked the code on happiness and how to be happy, and the verdict is…. it all comes down to YOU!

Yup ladies, it has been shown through studying the happiest people in the world that happiness is in fact a CHOICE, and so it’s totally up to YOU whether you’ll experience happiness. Plus, research also has found that being happy may just be the single most important thing you can do for your health, making it just as important as diet and physical activity – which is why I’ll be sharing a couple golden nuggets on how to get your happy on by practicing these 2 simple daily habits: embracing a mindset of gratitude and smiling more.

So if your happiness battery is running a bit low, not to worry. Knowing that happiness is a choice is extremely empowering and in the video below are 2 scientifically proven and very effective ways to help you recharge and crank up the happiness almost instantly.

Remember ladies, happiness is a CHOICE. And ultimately, if you truly want to be happy and a more positive person who attracts limitless good things into your life, the choice you’ll need to make will involve how you choose to think about your life and how you choose to act from day to day.

Enjoy the video ladies and stay beautiful! – Doc

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