Running and Still Can’t Lose That Belly? Try This! (VIDEO)

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So you’ve decided to take up running because to you there’s nothing better than open road, fresh air, and the endorphin rush of runner’s high! Only problem is, you’ve noticed that your stubborn belly fat just won’t budge no matter how often you run. Confused? Frustrated?

Well, what you (and your belly fat) are experiencing is actually quite common among runners and if you want to learn exactly what you need to do to speed up the burn on that belly pooch, check out today’s Fit411 episode as well as the HIIT protocols I mention below in the video. Enjoy!

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HIIT Workout 1: Walk-Run-Sprint (45 min.)

After completing a five-minute walking warmup, repeat the workout below 35 times, and end with a five-minute walking cooldown.

5 min. : Warm-up (walk/light jog)

30 sec. : Walk briskly (about 4.6 mph)

20 sec. : Run moderately (about 6.7 mph)

10 sec. : Sprint as fast as you can (about 8.6 mph)

(repeat x35)

5 min: Cooldown (walk)

Calories burned per minute: 7.5
Total calories burned: 302.5

*All calculations are based on a 130-pound woman.


HIIT Workout 2: Pyramid Treadmill (30 min.)


Pyramid Treadmill Interval Workout

Image Source: PopSugar