(VIDEO) Intermittent Fasting: An Easy Beginner’s Guide

Ladies, let’s talk intermittent fasting! I know many of you have heard of it and have probably been wondering if intermittent fasting is something you should try if you’re looking to lose weight – or maybe you’ve heard about the many (other) awesome benefits of intermittent fasting and you’re curious to give it a shot. Well, first and foremost let me say this: Intermittent fasting is a very healthy and easy to follow dietary protocol.

Personally speaking, I practice intermittent fasting and I love the numerous health, beauty, and brainpower benefits I gain from it. So if you’d like to try intermittent fasting, I have a very helpful video below that shares the beginner basics of intermittent fasting to get you started.

FYI, when it comes to healthy eating, diets, weight loss, and even anti-aging/beauty biohacks, intermittent fasting is a very hot topic and in the video below I’m going to answer some of the many common questions people have about intermittent fasting like:

  • How to do intermittent fasting to lose weight?
  • Is intermittent fasting healthy?
  • Can intermittent fasting slow the aging process?
  • Is intermittent fasting good or bad for you?
  • How many calories should you eat when doing intermittent fasting?
  • Is intermittent fasting safe?
  • What’s the best way to do intermittent fasting?

Enjoy the video ladies and Stay Beautiful!


Dr. Phoenyx


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*UPDATE: FitBody Energy promotional sample packs (mentioned in the video) are no longer available.*


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