“LOVE YOUR HAIR” Is Here!! *Book Release Announcement*

Last week on Instagram I shared a lil’ preview of what was to come today, April 17, 2015.

Love Your Hair Story

Well the finally day is here, and I’m so excited because it is the official release day of my children’s book, Love Your Hair!a children’s story follow-up to my bestselling natural haircare book, If You Love It, It Will Grow: A Guide to Healthy, Beautiful Natural Hair.

Now other than taking just a few more sentences to express my sheer joy for the release of my latest book, as well as my debut as a children’s book author, I’ve decided to not make this blog post long for a couple key reasons:

Reason #1: Because I’ve embedded a really cool video below about the making of Love Your Hair!, and it’s actually part of an awesome interview that I did with a beautiful naturalista and purveyor of good vibes, Ms. Abiola Abrams. So definitely check out the video below!

And, Reason #2: I’ve decided to keep this post short and sweet because I’ll be spending the rest of the day celebrating, and quite honestly, I need to get in a workout beforehand to counteract all the dessert and wine I’ll be dining on later! *wink*

So overall today is truly a happy and incredible day for me, and I hope you guys grab a copy of Love Your Hair! today – and of course, also grab a few extra copies for your nieces, granddaughters, sister-in-law, and any other brown beauty in your life!

Also, stay tuned to my site in the upcoming week as I’ll be hosting a Book Giveaway, and a couple of folks will be walking away with personalized, autographed copies of my book. YAY! *More details on that Monday*

Suffice to say, I’m super, super excited to be sharing Love Your Hair!, and overall it’s a fun, bouncy and sassy story of self-love and hair-love specially dedicated to all the beautiful, little brown girls of the world – that you may proudly rock your hair and always love your KINKS and CURLS!

Xoxo – Doc