Myth Buster: Ladies, Lifting Heavy Weights Won’t Make You Bulky

You’ve said it – or maybe your gym buddy has declared the following while you two wander the weight room in search of the perfect set of 5 lb. weights: “Girl, I want to tone up, but I don’t want to get bulky!” Bottom line, most women have a love-fear relationship when it comes to weights. Yes, they know that lifting weights does a body good, but at the same time, a good majority of women totally avoid heavy weights for fear of getting big “man muscles” and an Incredible Hunk physique. So day after day, in any given gym across the world, you’ll see countless women either 1) avoid weights altogether or 2) stick with lighter weights to avoid getting “bulky” because logic tells us that heavier weights equal big muscles, while lighter weights equal a “womanly” and “toned” physique. Problem is, there’s a big, fat flaw in this logic when it comes to lifting weights! Check out my video below to get the full FIT 411 on why lifting heavy will not make you “bulky,” why light weights aren’t the Holy Grail for “toning up,” and most important, learn why not lifting heavy is one of the most TRAGIC fitness mistake you could make if your goal is to burn body fat faster, and achieve the oh so coveted “slim” and “toned” physique. Enjoy the vid and share your 2 cents in the comments! – Doc