(PODCAST) Let’s Talk Fitness, Nutrition & “FitBeauty!” (My Interview w/ Vince Ferguson’s Six Weeks to Fitness)


Hey ladies!

Today I’ve got something very special to share that you’ll really enjoy! So a couple weeks ago I was interviewed by a gentleman named Vince Ferguson, who is the host of the Six Weeks to Fitness podcast and President of Body Sculpt of New York, Inc.

Now on top of being a highly respected fitness expert with over 25 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Ferguson is also a speaker, author, military vet (like yours truly!), and he’s an overall awesome guy who has interviewed some amazing (and seriously BIG NAMED) celebs, health experts, and entrepreneurs within the fitness and nutrition industry.

Needless to say, I was super honored when Mr. Ferguson reached out to interview me on his podcast, and during our fun time together Vince and I chatted a bit about my passions within nutrition, fitness, life, entrepreneurship, and we even got into a little gabbing about natural hair and beauty! FYI, turns out Vince is a big fan of my best-selling natural hair guide and an advocate of the natural hair movement in general, so of course he immediately got extra cool points in my book!

To listen to the full interview, press PLAY below.

Stay Beautiful! – Doc

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