Science Says: Diet Soda Can Make You Fat – GASP! (VIDEO)

Diet Soda


Ahhh, the joy of diet soda!

I mean really – who wouldn’t love the idea of being able to get your “fizz-fix” from soda without all the unwanted side effects like calories and weight gain.

Thing is, according to mounting research, it appears diet soda may not be the guilt-free drink many hoped it would be. Case in point: A study presented at a 2011 meeting of the American Diabetes Association found a positive link between weight gain and diet soda consumption. OUCH!

But how can this be?

I mean, if something’s called “diet,” then it should obviously help you lose weight? Right?

Unfortunately, the answer is: Nope.

Check out my Fit 411 episode below where I explain how and why science says diet soda can make you gain weight. And FYI, this video is a nice little synopsis of a blog post that I previously wrote about diet soda, which you can read here.

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Peace, Love & Healthy Living!


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