This Just In: FitBeauty Giveaway Winners!

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Alright ladies, it’s the moment you’ve all have been waiting for – today we find out the 2 lucky winners of my FitBeauty Giveaway! Woo-hoo!

But before I get to officially announcing our winners, I wanted to share something so very dear to my heart – In the past 2 weeks after announcing my giveaway on social media, I’ve received a massive influx of emails from women who not only entered my giveaway, but who now have also become enthusiastic followers of my website and YouTube channel.

And in one such email, a young lady named Jasmin wrote:

“Dr. Phoenyx I LOVE what you do! I signed up for your contest (I hope I win!) after seeing it on Instagram, and I decided to check out your YouTube videos and I have been hooked ever since! You make being natural and healthy so cool, and you explain everything so clearly. I especially loved your video about women lifting heavy weights and how it won’t make you bulky. I used to not lift heavy weights for that reason but now that you’ve explained how lifting heavy weights is good for your body and losing weight, I’ve been lifting heavy weights and I can’t wait to see the results! Thank you and I can’t wait for more of your videos and articles!

Wow, thank you Jasmin – that was so very cool of you to share, and welcome to my website and YouTube channel!

FYI, for those of you who are now curious, the video Jasmin is referencing can be found here.

And bottom line ladies (and gents), it’s emails like the one above that inspire me to do what I do – because it feels so incredibly awesome to positivity influence and effect other people’s lives by simply sharing information about the topics I’m so passionate about!

So with that I’d like to say a big THANK YOU! to all who entered my giveaway, and an even bigger THANK YOU! to all the new followers of my website, as well as my new YouTube channel subbies!

OK, now let’s get to the winners of my FitBeauty Giveaway…..


And our 2 winners are:

*Kiera, W. of Orlando, FL, and

*Sylvia J., of St. Louis, MO

Congratulations ladies! Look out for a Gift Package in the mail! Also, to everyone else who entered the giveaway, look out for a special gift coming later today in your inbox that will surely put a smile on your face! *wink*

And that’s all for today’s post – TGIF, so I wanted to keep it short and sweet 🙂

Congratulations again to our FitBeauty Giveaway winners, thank you to each and every person who entered my Giveaway, and I hope you ALL enjoy your Gift!

Peace, Love and Healthy Living,

Dr. Phoenyx