(VIDEO) Eating Before Bed Makes You Gain Weight?


Does eating before bed make you gain weight? Is it a bad idea to eat before bed if you’re trying to lose weight? There are many of us who think eating before bed or eating late at night will make you gain weight. But is this really true?

Here’s a bit of good news for all you late night “refrigerator raiders”: The most common reason why people gain weight from eating late at night is simply because they just aren’t mindful about keeping track of all their meals during the day through simple habits like counting calories and food journaling. In other words, regardless of when you decide to eat, you should also be following the Most Basic Rule of Weight Loss: Calories In vs. Calories Out – which tells us that when it comes to weight loss (or preventing weight gain), the “quantity” and “quality” of the calories you eat are much more important than the “time” you eat.

Check out the video below where I share more about late night meals, why you shouldn’t stress too much about eating late, and how to eat late and still lose weight!

Enjoy the video and Stay Beautiful! – Doc

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