(VIDEO) Got Bad Knees? Do These Exercises to Lose Weight


Hey ladies! Today we’re talking bad knees and workouts you can start doing to lose weight without risking pain. Now when it comes to knee pain, here are a couple important things to keep in mind:

Important Thing #1: “Knee pain” is a VERY general term and ultimately knee pain can be caused many, many things. So if you do have knee pain, it’s always a good idea to get evaluated by your doctor – especially if your knee pain is sudden and very painful.

Important Thing #2: Being overweight is a very common cause of knee pain because carrying excess body weight does put excess stress on our lower joints – which also means that losing weight can – in many cases – cure knee pain!

All the above stated, in today’s video I’m going share some of the best workouts to lose weight if you have bad knees. Keep in mind, I particularly like these exercises because they:

1) Can help take undue stress off your knees,

2) Can help build strength in your leg muscles which will further help take more stress off your knees, and

3) Can ultimately help you lose weight which will further help those knees stay healthy, strong and happy!

Enjoy the video ladies – and as always, stay beautiful and awesome! – Doc

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