Why People Treat You Different After Weight Loss + How to Handle Jealousy (VIDEO)

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Not too long ago I received a really sweet email from a young lady named Marissa who wanted to send a thank you and an update on her weight loss success. Here’s a little snippet from Marissa’s email:

Hey Dr. Phoenyx! Thank you so much for all the information you’ve shared on how to lose weight and live healthy! You are such an inspiration and since following you on YouTube and using your advice I have lost over 25 lbs. since I started my weight loss journey this summer! I know you get lots of emails but I wanted to ask your advice with something. I noticed that since I have lost weight my girlfriend has started making rude comments about the clothes I wear when we go out. I actually dress pretty conservative but I am wearing more fitted clothes since I can now fit into smaller size clothes that I like. I definitely don’t dress in an inappropriate way though and when I go out with other friends they compliment me on my outfits and weight loss. I just don’t understand all the negativity from my girlfriend and she just doesn’t seem very supportive or happy for me at all since I’ve lost weight and I don’t like hanging around her as much because of her attitude. Why is she acting this way and what should I do?

Now first and foremost, let me say that Marissa deserves a big round of applause, tons of fist-bumps, and maybe even a small chocolate cupcake with sprinkles on top because what she has accomplished is truly A-MA-ZING! Because bottom line, weight loss and healthy living takes commitment and discipline. And I don’t care who you are – and whether you’ve lost just 5 pounds or 50 – when you set out to lose weight and you do just that, what you’ve done is still a wonderful accomplishment and BIG step in the right direction to overall health and happiness. So for anyone reading this who’s just like Marissa and currently on a weight loss journey, I want you to take a moment to smile and give yourself a big pat on the back because you’ve earned it and you deserve it!

Now back to Marissa’s situation: Truth be told, weight loss can have a funny effect on the people we come in contact with, and what you’ll soon begin to notice as you lose weight is that people will absolutely start to treat you differently – some better and some worse. And this effect your weight loss will have on people is something you should mentally prepare yourself for because it is inevitable and it’s also part of the whole healthy living journey itself that you will need to embrace because the experience will ultimately make you a healthier and happier individual in the long run. To better understand what I mean, check out my FIT 411 episode below and then share your 2 cents in the comments section.

Enjoy the video and keep rockin’ on with your healthy and awesome self!

Peace, Love & Healthy Living,

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